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From the founder of MedaLeaf, William O'Boyle.

William was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has one older sibling, and 2 supportive parents. He had a very active childhood, and was very involved in sports at a young age.

Some of his accomplishments include. 2 time state champion power lifter, captain of his college football team, and a state wide recognized athlete threw out his football career.

William had 2 major injuries during his career, both of them resulted in surgery, as well as pain management medications. He was a victim of the opioid epidemic in America. He spent his 20’s getting clean from substances.

CBD was a major factor to rebuilding him as a person. William now has 6 years clean, 3 thriving business, and a very supportive family. he started this company based off the miracle that happened to him while using CBD.

Your trusted online CBD store for flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, oils, lotions & more. We have the highest quality CBD products.

At MedaLeaf we are passionate about CBD and it’s healing powers. From pain relief to relaxation we are with you every step. Cannabis is a powerful plant and the medicine we make from it can change how you combat your pain.
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